The Classics auction includes fine antique and decorative art, paintings, sculpture, silver, jewellery and watches. Often themed around Luxury, the sales feature fine antique and modernist silver such as barware, tableware and decorative sculptural silver by the best names in the market, from Paul Storr to Stuart Devlin. Also included are exquisite objects of vertu such as 18th century snuff boxes, gold mounted works by and after Faberge and other master silversmiths. We also include antique clocks in this sale, such as carriage clocks, mantel and bracket clocks, as well as other decorative antiques such as candelabra, vases, desk stands and other works of art.

Also included in this luxurious interiors sale are paintings and sculpture, from the 15th century up to the early 20th century, carpets and rugs of all types and some fine furniture. If the object would fit in to a beautiful, curated interior, then it will fit into our Curated Auction!



This sale features Out of the Ordinary objects and Natural History; ranging from taxidermy to fossils, automatons to skulls, primitive art to tribal art, ex-museum artefacts and antiques with history and provenance that tell a story. Please do contact us if you have taxidermy to sell or wish to have your fossils, skeletons, tribal art or unusual antiques valued. If you have Oddities and Curiosities to sell we would be delighted to hear from you.