Range of antique clocks

If you are looking to sell clocks at auction, our sales feature a range of antique clocks, each one photographed from multiple angles and with information about the condition published in the online catalogues, ensuring the highest prices are achieved at auction.

18th century English bracket clocks with original cases, verge escapements and fusee movements are always sought after at auction, as are those from the late 17th century. Makers such as Joseph Knibb, Thomas Tompion, Edward East and Daniel Quare from the Golden Age of Clockmaking are the most sought after and command huge prices at auction.

Those with a more limited budget may prefer the Regency bracket clocks of the early 19th century, and those with musical movements or quarter chiming clocks tend to realise the strongest prices.

If you are looking for a French clock, these tend to be more ornate and often feature figural sculpture. From the tortoiseshell pendule religeuse clocks of the late 17th and early 18th century, to the Boulle style clocks that are often raised on ornate brackets, and were produced throughout the 18th and 19th centuries; French antique clocks are often highly decorative and display exquisite workmanship. For example, clocks from the Louis XV and Louis XVI period were made in a variety of materials such as marble, alabaster, gilt bronze (ormolu), and porcelain and are highly prized for their quality and workmanship.

Carriage clocks are always popular, they make wonderful gifts and are still practical today. Carriage clocks by makers such Henri Jacot, Margaine, Le Roy et Fils and Paul Garnier are particularly sought after; and those with extra complications such as an alarm, push repeat, petite or Grande Sonnerie achieve the highest prices.

If you would like to know the value of your clock, or wish to sell a collection of clocks, please do get in touch. You can send images by What’s App, Messenger or email.

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